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Buddy Locator Page #1

For 1st Cavalry Division Troopers/Veterans.
If you are or were at any time a member of the
1st Cavalry Division and you would like your buddies
to be able to locate you, see the update below!
While you are here, see if they have already signed up!
Scroll Down To Find Out!

Be Sure To Check Page #2!


Notes: This locator is for all 1st Cavalry Division Veterans no matter when or where they served!!

UPDATE: Please see the notes at the end of the listings!!

Name: Unit Served With (Cav.): Years: Where (Served):  E-Mail Address:
John A. Maclean A Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1959/60 Korea - Morye Dong - DMZ 
John (Tex) Rike

C Troop/HQ Troop - 1/9 Cav.

1964/65 Korea - DMZ
William 'Bill' Eavenson A Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1959/60 Korea - Morye Dong - DMZ  *
Clifford Boxley

B & C Troops - 1/9, HHC 1C.D.


Ft. Hood, TX.

 John W. Terrio A Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1960/62

Korea - Morye Dong - DMZ 

 Chuck (Bill) Lanham 15th Administration CO. 1958/59 Korea
David A McGhee  A Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1963/64  Korea - DMZ 
James A. Julien DMZ Police CO. (1/9 Cav.) 1958/59 Korea - DMZ 
Dick Gunn A Troop - 1/9 Cav.  1963/64 Korea - DMZ 
Jim Fleming B Troop - 1/9 Cav.  1962/63 Korea - DMZ
Don Boyd Lee HQ Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1958/59 Korea - DMZ
Mike Doyle A Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1965/66* Korea - DMZ
Fred Hackney A Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1959/60 Korea - Morye Dong - DMZ 
James R. McDaniel C CO. -  2/7 Cav. 1962/63 Camp McKinsey, Korea
John (Jack) Riley 15th Admin. (AG Office) 1962/63 Korea - DMZ
Alonzo Jones E CO. 1st BG, 5th Cav. & 
A CO. 2nd BN, 5th Cav.
Korea CC#2 Camp McGovern
Ernest E. Barlow F/12 Cav.
Hq. Troop - 1st Cav. Bde.
Svc. CO. - 5th Cav.
Wylie Axford Rec. Center #3 TDY HHC - 8th Cav. 1962/63 Korea - DMZ
Frank Deutsch DMZ Police CO. 1957/58 Korea - DMZ
Michael G. Choate E Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1970/71 Vietnam
Ronald J. Daigle C Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1962/63 Korea - DMZ
Nicholas Dick Autin Jr. C CO. - 12th Cav. 1961/62 Korea - DMZ
Dr. Jim Larose HQ Troop - 1/9 Cav. (Squadron Surgeon) 1964/65 Korea - DMZ
James (Jim) Anthony HQ Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1957/58 Korea - DMZ
Ron Sutton HHC - 1st BN 7th Cav. Camps Custer & Johnson 1963/64 Korea
Herman Green A Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1965/66 Vietnam
Dennis Jones HQ Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1960/61 Korea - DMZ
Moses Leyba Jr. A CO. 1/8 Cav.  1964/65* Korea - DMZ
James (Jim ) Biller B & HQ Troops. 1964/65 Korea - DMZ
Samuel H. Armes C & D CO. 15th Med. BN. 1963/64 Camp Irvin, Korea
Ron Stuttler B CO. 23rd Trans. D CO. 1st BG. 8th Cav. B CO. 8th Cav. BN. 1962/63 Korea - DMZ
W. Eugene (Gene) Lange HQ Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1963/64 Korea - DMZ
James A. (Jim) Forrest Jr. A CO. 13th Signal BN. 1960/61 Camp Howze, Korea
Robert E. Adams DMZ Police CO. 1956/58 Korea - DMZ
Pete Altieri HHQ 1/7 Cav. 1992/94 Ft. Hood TX.
Clayton Babineaux C CO. 23rd Transportation. 1956/58 Paju-Ri, Korea
Jim Auer HHC (Div. HQ) 1963/64 Camp Howze, Korea
Steven B. Hudson A CO. 1st BN.  8th Cav. 1961/62 Korea - DMZ
Larry Wright A Troop 1/9 Cav. 1965/66 Vietnam
Claire Rojohn DMZ Police CO. 1957/58 Korea - DMZ
Hans (Christian) Beck A Troop & HQ Troop 1/9 Cav. 1958/59 Korea - DMZ
Marshall "Tim" Cooper HQ & HQ CO. 1st Cav. 1960/61 Korea
Jack Regar 13th Sig HHC 1st Cav. (AM)  1970/71 Vietnam
Bill Arasz HHC 8th Eng. 1967/68 Vietnam
Louis Colantoni  D CO. 1st BG 5th Cav. 1961/62 Camp Coursen, Korea
Larry Miyamura A Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1967/68 Vietnam
Douglas A. Crabtree B Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1962/63 Korea - DMZ
Harold D. Wright Sr. HHC 2nd BN. 15th Armor. 1963/64 Korea
Joe Braswell 15th Admin CO. Postal Unit - TDY Hq & Hq CO. 1st BN. 7th Cav. 1959/60 Korea
Brian Bruce HHT 1/9 Cav. 1983/85 NS
Bruce Kelly C CO. 4th Cav. 1958/59 Korea
Charles Traxler A Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1969/70 Vietnam
William K. Lockwood B Battery 2nd FA BN. 20th Arty. 1958/59 Korea
LT. Herbert R. Keilman 2nd BN. 20th Arty BN. D Honest John Unit. 1958/59 Korea
CWO 2 Dennis C. Bartash B CO. 15th TC BN. 1968/69 Vietnam
Carl Warnick 15th Sup & Ser BN. Unit 408. 1965/66 An khe, Vietnam
Jim Rocha B CO. 23rd Trans. BN 1958-59 Korea
Roland Foust HHC 1/7 Cav. & HHT 1/9 Cav. 1976/77 Ft. Hood, TX.
Teddy Mcnabb A Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1960/61 Korea, Morye Dong - DMZ 
Thomas Adamski (Ski) 1st Cav. HQ CO. & 12th Cav. 1962/63 Korea
Len Cowherd HHC 1/8 Cav. 1964/65 Korea - DMZ
John J Reichenberg E? 82nd. 1968/69 Vietnam
James A. Wilson Hq. CO. 8th Eng BN. 1962/63 Korea
Tom Wainwright 2nd BN. 20th Arty. 1960/61 Korea
James W. Chestnut C CO. 1st BN. 12th Cav Air Mobile. 1965/66 Vietnam
Bill Paymaster 1st Cav. Div. Honor Guard. 1963/64 Camp Howze, Korea
Alfred L. Huff C CO. 13th Signal BN. 1995/98 Ft. Hood, TX.
CPT. Robert A. Marshall B Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1968/69 Vietnam
Martin Smith 15th Admin. 1969/70 Vietnam - Bien Hoa
Larry Coppala B CO. 15th TC BN. (Acft)(s) 1966/67 An khe Vietnam
John W. Sage HHC, 1st Bde, 15th Admin 1969/70 Bien Hoa & An Khe Vietnam
Michael W. Hoffman 13th Signal BN. 1964/65 Camp Howze Korea
William (Bill) Carion B Troop - 1/9 Cav. 1958/59 Korea-Freedom Gate Bridge
Gordon F. Eatley C Battery 2nd BN. 20th Arty & E Btry 82 Arty. 1967/68 An Khe, Bong Song, Dak to Vietnam
Robert (Bob) Uhl 3/8 Cav. 1964/65 Korea - DMZ
Clay G. Townsend B CO. 15th TC BN. 1966/67 An khe Airfield Vietnam
Jerry L. Cranford Hq Battery 2nd Howitzer BN. 20th Arty. 1957/58 Camp Snow Korea
Arvil R. Bare DMZ Police CO. (Prov.) 1958/59 Korea - DMZ
Bill Dearing 15th Admin CO. 1966/67 An he, Vietnam
Duane Kloster B CO. 1/8th Cav.


Mike Hamm B Troop 1/9 Cav. 1978/80 Ft. Hood TX.
Raymond Rasmussen 15th Admin CO.


An Khe, Vietnam
Lowell (Ron) Runyan HHT 1/9 Cav. 1959/60 Korea DMZ
Richard Nimms HHC3/3/1 1969/70 Song be/ Phouc Vihn(s)
Jack Custer 2nd BN 20th Arty. 1960/61 Camp Snow, Korea
Larry Dever A CO. 1/8 Cav. 1968 Near Quang Tri, Vietnam
Douglas S. Martin HHC 1st BDE 1st Cav. 1983/84 Ft. Hood TX.
Randall Brumfield BE tarp 1/9 (so): 1970/71 Quan Loi, Vietnam
Buddy Fechter B CO. 2nd BN. 5th Cav.


Jerry Rivera 15th AG Company 1973/76 Ft. Hood TX.
Thomas O'Connor B CO. 2d BN. 15th Armor 1962/63 Korea
Garry Meeker 1st Cav R&U Detachment 1958/59 Munsan-Ni, Korea
Clark Abrahamson First Team Chorus 1961/62 1st Cav. HQ, Korea
Richard L. McComas B CO. 15 TC 1965/66 AnKeh, Vietnam
Robert Johnson 545th MP CO. 1964/65 Camp Custer, Korea
Jerald A. Clark Hq CO. 2nd B/G 1/4 Cav. 1960/61 Camp MacKenzie Korea
John Withers B CO. 1st BG 8th Cav.


N. of Imjin - Spoonbill Sector - Korea
Stan Aksamit 15th S&T HQ. 1964/65 Munsan-Ni, Korea
Art Calise 15th Supply & Service Bn - 3rd Forward 1967/68 LZ Baldy, Camp Evans, Kah sun - Vietnam
Richard K. Pegg HQ CO. A 13th Signal BN. 1959/60 Korea
Dave Hagen AFKN Cavalier Radio Station 1964  Korea


The Listings Are Continued On BL P#2



A Red asterisk (*), denotes a friend or relatives email and the one listed may or may not respond directly.
If any of the supplied information changes, please send me updates so that your info is kept up to date. 
NS= Information Not Supplied.

A blue asterisk (*) denotes dual service period; 1st Cavalry Division reflagged to 2nd Infantry Division on 1 July 1965.


You may now post your own information on the new "Cavalry  Buddy Locator" page on the web sites' own Annex page!

The link to the Annex is at the top and bottom of most pages.


bulletIf your listing is here (Page one or two), and you want to update it please do so and if you send an update to an existing listing, please note that it is an update! You are authorized to make a new listing on the Annex pages Cavalry buddy Locator page.
bulletShould your email address change, please notify me of the new one so that I may update your listing!  Listings found to have an old/invalid (Bad) email address will be removed - Send me an update when you change it!
bulletListings on the Annex page may be edited by the original poster as long as the poster is logged on..
bulletIf you come across a bad email address, please let me know so that I can deal with it.  
bulletThis change is necessary as the last several submissions were in a format that I was not prepared to deal with and quite frankly, neither was the form above, some people just can not follow the simplest directions.




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